Words of Wisdom: Living Life

When the end comes for you, let it find you conquering a new mountain not sliding down an old one



I love my life

It’s so important to recognise and celebrate who we are as human beings. I don’t think we do it enough and it’s damaging to ourselves and those around us.

I have sabotaged my life for way to long because I didn’t believe and do the above. I have often cowered, afraid to stand up and be counted, to lift my voice and share my worth and I am tired of this.

I am worth it, I am powerful, I deserve the amazing things which I dream of. I know and believe that I am created with purpose, perfect in my Fathers image. Sure, I am not perfect – I acknowledge this, but then my father never expected, nor asked me to be perfect -He only asks that I give my best and that I recognise my beauty and greatness in Him.

As Rick Warren beautifully put it


From here on out the below is my motto and I pray that if you read this you pick it up as yours as well – Thank you Robbie Williams for your strength and courage in sharing these words in song (I’m not a die hard music fan but from the opening lyrics it sounds like he wrote this as a fatherly commitment to his son and daughter that his actions lead them to believing this about themeselves

“I love my life

I am powerful, I am beautiful, I am free

I love my life

I am wonderful, I am magical, I am me

I love my life

I am not my mistakes and God knows I’ve made a few…



What is beautiful about you?

The stories we tell ourselves.

The power of reframing ūüėÄ

Thriving Under Pressure


Flooded with helplessness.

A friend of mine recently returned home from vacation to find his newly constructed house flooded.

The feelings of helplessness that followed were magnified by the story he was telling himself on repeat. That he was an idiot. Naive. A loser. Stupid for not knowing better.

 Loss of control.

This was something completely beyond his control. Yet there he was battling Mother Nature head on.

Making himself entirely responsible for the deluge of rain. All powerful. Yet completely powerless. Imprisoned by his thoughts alone.


He and his wife had only lived in their new home for 18 months. A dream house built for retirement.

Every aspect of the design painstakingly conceived. Which only amplified his despair.

Infinite Rumination.

But in that moment, the story in his mind was filled with self-accusation and punishment. Second guessing on repeat.

The loop in his head based on the assumption that he was…

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TEDx Video: Thriving Under Pressure

A great talk by Dr Andrea Dinardo in which she shares powerful insight into how to move from stress to strength

Thriving Under Pressure

Good news to share!

I have been working on a TEDx project with the University of Windsor TEDx team since December. And just an hour ago, I received the good news that the finished video was uploaded to the official TEDx site today! So pumped!


In my TEDx Talk I discuss how to THRIVE under pressure using 3 stress resilience tools: challenge, control and commitment.

The purpose of this talk (and my blog) is to help students develop positive coping techniques in fun, interactive, and uplifting ways.

By first focusing on what is right, before examining what is wrong, students are motivated to move beyond, and in some cases, be transformed by their stressors, hardships, and adversities.

If you like, please share this TEDx video with friends and family on social media. The wider its reach, the more people I can help thrive under pressure!

May Your North Star Light Your Way…

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