Words of Wisdom: To be a professional

To be a professional in any area of life (sic), you have to do the most you can, to be the best you can



Strength from within – Lloyd Hanslow

“The only limits are the ones we allow ourselves, to impose upon us.” Stephan Weber

An inpirational story of inner stength, overcoming a ‘perceived’ life changing affliction and the courage to choose life

 “BLINDNESS PT 1 2018 Lloyd Hanslow”

I love my life

It’s so important to recognise and celebrate who we are as human beings. I don’t think we do it enough and it’s damaging to ourselves and those around us.

I have sabotaged my life for way to long because I didn’t believe and do the above. I have often cowered, afraid to stand up and be counted, to lift my voice and share my worth and I am tired of this.

I am worth it, I am powerful, I deserve the amazing things which I dream of. I know and believe that I am created with purpose, perfect in my Fathers image. Sure, I am not perfect – I acknowledge this, but then my father never expected, nor asked me to be perfect -He only asks that I give my best and that I recognise my beauty and greatness in Him.

As Rick Warren beautifully put it


From here on out the below is my motto and I pray that if you read this you pick it up as yours as well – Thank you Robbie Williams for your strength and courage in sharing these words in song (I’m not a die hard music fan but from the opening lyrics it sounds like he wrote this as a fatherly commitment to his son and daughter that his actions lead them to believing this about themeselves

“I love my life

I am powerful, I am beautiful, I am free

I love my life

I am wonderful, I am magical, I am me

I love my life

I am not my mistakes and God knows I’ve made a few…



What is beautiful about you?